Private Photography Classes - Anthes Photography

Do you want to learn all the buttons , knobs and menus on your camera or a specific type of photography?  We offer private classes weekends or weekdays, depending on what works best for you. 

Topics we offer:

The Basics.

Learning how to work your digital SLR camera - without using Auto or Program modes. You take control of your camera.

Working with Light

Learning to work with light - front, side, and back lighting

Compositional techniques to make your images visually pleasing.

Night photography - this includes using bulb, and doing light painting, physiograms and car trails

People Photography - instead of taking snapshots of friends and family, learn portrait photography skills that will set your photos apart.

Close up or macro photography -  discover the intriguing world of close up photography and discover why it's one of the most popular forms of photography .

Adobe Lightroom - a software program for organizing and editing your digital files . It's the program most used by professionals.

All of our programs are "hands on" . No classrooms (except for Lightroom). You are working with your camera the entire class.

Classes are $85 per hour, minimum of two hours.

To book :  Use the contact section of our website, or call us at 250 470 9082